Case Studies of our Work

Profiting Through Satisfied Customers

With such a wide choice of venues now available for conferences and events, hotels have to compete on every front.

No factor is more significant than having competent, confident and well-motivated staff who are dedicated to ensuring customer care.

However, our client had discovered that ad hoc and unstructured training was not producing the results.

Our consultant, working closely with senior management, established and implemented a training and development programme combining NVQs with 4 star hotel standards to offer a complete package.

As part of the process the hotel achieved accreditation as an Investor in People and a National Training Award.

The effect on customers and staff was dramatic with customer complaints down by over 60% and staff turnover reduced by 27%.

But the most important result was a tenfold increase in cash profit over a four-year period.

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Hi-Tech Success in a Rural Community

Can the IT revolution help to regenerate a small declining town located in the depths of the countryside?

BT and Apple Computer backed by the DTI and the Rural Development Commission decided to find out by making a major investment in Information Communication and Technology in Kington, Herefordshire. This enabled the town and its surrounding villages to use a whole range of computer and telecoms equipment and advice for the good of the business and social community.

However, with so many interests to satisfy, the start-up of Kington Connected Community Company Ltd (KC3) proved difficult and our consultants were asked to develop a coherent business strategy, management structure and long-term funding for the project.

Now KC3 is a major Internet Service Provider in the region, an IT training resource and an outsourcing service - and is achieving financial self-sufficiency. It is also making a direct and varied contribution to the local community.

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Mail Order on the Move

Selling ladies garments through mail order and retail outlets is a demanding business.

When the time comes to expand it can place enormous strains on a company.

It is on these occasions that an extra pair of safe hands is especially welcome.

Our client had a one-month window of opportunity to make the switch of Head Office. Fortunately, we were on hand to search in a thirty-mile radius and find the premises which matched all of the criteria for accessibility, availability of labour and financial assistance.

We negotiated the terms of the lease and the move was made to time.

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Shifting Up a Gear

Often successful family businesses grow organically. As they do they can reach a stage when their tried and tested management methods are not enough.

It was at this point that our consultants were called in to review first the internal systems and secondly the business strategy for this Midlands based transport company.

The first step was to develop a job costing system which identified the type of work that was most appropriate for the business.

The next step was to research the market and decide the customers on which to focus.

Building on this our consultant worked with the management team to devise strategies for winning profitable new business. Being mid-sized in the transport industry gives the company the flexibility combined with the facilities to satisfy customers and allows them to compete with the large operators.

The result has been a drive for growth which saw turnover increase by 26% within eighteen months with further sustained expansion expected over the next few years.

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Bathroom Accessories for Leading Retailers

Supplying the likes of Argos and Homebase is an exacting business so achieving growth of over 200% in three years was no mean feat.

How was it achieved?

We found the answer by identifying the need to release the creativity and drive of the MD and allow him to concentrate on developing new product and business opportunities. To do this he needed a professional team of people to run the day to day aspects of the company.

The problem? Where to start.

We helped him plan the strategy for transformation of the company and then to implement it through recruitment and development of the management team.

Along the way we helped define the marketing strategy, redesign the factory, purchase a new computer system and implement ISO 9002.

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Vets - A Suitable Case for Treatment

Many owner managers focus on their particular skills and overlook the need for good financial management.

An example was the veterinary practice that had made a successful move from serving the farming community to opening an animal hospital on the outskirts of town.

Business increased but the bank balance did not. We were called in to investigate and recommend a cure.

We found that the financial management systems had failed to develop in line with the business and that the practice was undercharging for its services.

Through a combination of new systems, training and development, the practice now has budgets, cash flow forecasts, regular P&L and Balance Sheets and the expertise to monitor the business and take action when required.

They have also brought prices into line with the market. So we are pleased to report that the patient is responding well to treatment.

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