The Stonehouse Consultants


Roger Stickland
Tel. 01562 861658
Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Roger has had manufacturing and MD experience in Divisions of BTR and SmithKline, managed his own SME engineering company for 10 years and has a wide knowledge of developing Management Accounting systems to give management key information to run the business. Batch Manufacturing, Quality Systems and Industrial Marketing are his other strengths. He has worked in a wide variety of service and manufacturing industry and has been a College Governor. His outside interests include wildlife conservation, archaeology and walking.

Max Brown
Tel. 01793 782626

Max was Managing Director of a major defence contractor before becoming a consultant over 20 years ago. He is particularly interested in Business and Management development as well as ISO9000, TQM, IIP, and IT in many sectors, including: building and construction; engineering; health care; publishing; retail vehicles; software; travel; and professional practices.

Terry Curthoys
Tel. 01584 877075
Ludlow, Shropshire

Terry's particular areas of expertise include business planning, finance and the provision of straightforward business advice. Although an accountant by training he claims that he has had most if beaten out of him over the years and is able to bring a more rounded perspective to business problems.


John Duncan
Tel. 01527 872793

John Duncan has over 25 years experience in the motor industry in a range of roles, including finance, purchasing and health and safety. He is a registered lead assessor for Quality Assurance and Environmental Management and has also provided guidance to blue chip companies such as General Motors, Thames Water and Technicolor, as well as numerous SMEs across the business spectrum in the UK and North America.


John Hellens
Tel. 01299 251022
Hartlebury, Worcestershire

John Hellens' 20 years of buying, marketing and general management experience with Boots and Do-It-All is used to assist manufacturing and service sector companies to grow. John's particular focus is on analysing markets and customer requirements, identifying the changes companies need to progress and assisting them with the process of implementation throughout the organisation.


Richard Lench
Tel. 0121 323 3484
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Richard has over 7 years consultancy experience covering Marketing, Business Planning/Development & Profit Improvement Programs, in a wide variety of industries. With a previous commercial career, to Managing Director level in PLC's and his own Company (with 60 employees), he offers creative yet realistic and affordable solutions to business problems.

Iain Burrup
Tel. 01869 347981
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire