Stonehouse Services


Business Strategy Planning and Implementation

“Where are we going in the medium to long term?”

The hardest problem of all - seeing beyond trees to discover the wood.

We provide the extra knowledge, skills and experience you need to formulate challenging yet achievable plans.

Then we support you and your team to see them through.

Management and Control of the Business

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure.”

We help to identify the key drivers in your business, establish monitoring and review procedures and work alongside you to ensure successful implementation.

Finance for Your Business

As companies grow they need changing levels of finance.

We can help you identify the needs, find the right sources and negotiate the deal that will suit your business.

Developing People and the Organisation

“Better Business through Better People.”

Growing companies need expanding, changing and maturing organisational structures.

We can take you through the whole process from business analysis to recruitment, appraisal training, targeting and continual performance improvement.

Quality and the Production Processes

“Do it once and do it well.”

We can help you achieve recognition to the ISO 9000:2000 standard as well as tangible business improvements.

Then we can take you further, into Total Quality Management, cost control, factory layout, production planning techniques and so on.

Markets and Marketing

“Marketing is how companies anticipate, identify and satisfy customer needs - profitably.”

The whole process from market research through new product development, costing, production planning to promotion, selling and after sale service is vital to growth and profitability.

Does your marketing stand up to the competitive pressures in your industry? We can show you how to find out and what to do about it.

Short Term, Long Term

Sometimes our clients need a short but intensive study of their problems and advice on their future course of action. Then they and their team can go ahead and make the necessary changes.

Others value a medium to long term relationship with experienced business people who assist with implementation of the recommended business solutions.

For some the best way forward is to have a Stonehouse Consultant join their Board as a Non-executive Director.

Often relationships such as these grow out of the success of short-term projects.

The first step…

is to meet for an informal exploration of how we can help with your problems and opportunities.

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